Newry’s Refreshed Purpose and Values Statements

Like so many others coming out of the tumultuous uncertainty of 2020, Newry asked ourselves some tough questions: Who are we? What do we believe? Who do we want to become? How will we get there?

When Newry last refined our purpose, vision, and values, our organization—and the world—was a different place. Since then, we’ve conducted hundreds of projects tackling emerging trends and technologies like quantum computing, 5G, electric vehicles, and carbon capture across many new clients and companies. Our offerings expanded to encompass QUANTIFIED DESIGN™, SONAR™, Delta Teams, and Assumptions Workshops. We’ve grown and brought on many talented individuals to join our team, and each person has unique experiences and specialties to help bolster our capabilities and deliver excellent insights and strategy to our clients.

At the start of 2021, Newry’s leadership assembled numerous cross-functional committees to work on a new iteration of our company’s purpose and values. From the admins to the marketing and communications, junior consultants and VPs, our entire firm was represented and provided input and perspective. Our Purpose Committee leveraged a framework from the design firm IDEO to facilitate a series of iterative brainstorming sessions while the Values Committee performed extensive benchmarking and internal interviews before both collaborated to ensure there was alignment.

Today, we are proud to announce brand-new purpose statement and values for Newry, which can be found on our website here.

In addition to helping us chart a path forward into the future, this effort has strengthened our ability to serve our clients, provided growth opportunities for our people, and deepened our conviction around what sets us apart as a firm. Follow us to see what comes next!

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