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Maybe you’re a GM with aggressive near-term revenue targets to meet. Maybe you’re the CEO of a PE company trying to chart a path to growth that will attract successful bids. Or maybe you’re a CTO charged with fostering development of a new breakthrough innovation. Whatever it is, pressure is on to show results, both top and bottom line.

You need to identify new opportunities for growth, be it organic or inorganic, and while you think there’s more out there for you, you keep seeing the same options every time you search. You’re looking for a new perspective to be sure you aren’t missing something big.


SONAR™: Newry’s Novel Approach to Discovery

expand your pipelineIn our decades of experience serving innovators, particularly in the specialty chemicals and advanced materials space, one common theme we’ve observed has been the need to identify new opportunities for growth for existing capabilities. For these capital-intensive enterprises, maximizing the value of differentiated technology is critical for long-term success. And even for the most hefty of cash cows, this often requires looking beyond the core markets where a product first gained traction.

However, adjacent market growth is often easier said than done. Incumbents have a tremendous advantage over new entrants, and if a company has no prior experience in a particular area, they must go through the process of identifying key customers, developing new relationships from the ground up, and building sufficient trust that those customers are willing to share their needs. This process is time-consuming, laborious, and fraught with risk; in short, not a very appealing proposition.

Newry developed SONAR™ to address this challenge and help our clients expand their innovation pipelines. What started as a labor-intensive searching technique for niche applications has evolved into a sophisticated, systematic process that reliably uncovers high-potential opportunities for growth by finding hidden connections between our clients’ unique capabilities and critical unmet needs.

We’ve been working with data science-driven application discovery approaches for the past decade and have most recently harnessed new generative AI tools and large language model databases (LLMs), like ChatGPT, to enable a speedier process. Our team is expert in what use cases it’s best suited for and uses prompt engineering to enhance our SONAR™ process, getting you the answers you need–fast.


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