Newry supports clients through the entire M&A process, from target identification to vetting to relationship development and, ultimately, closing the deal.

Why Use Newry For M&A?

Our intelligence-based discovery techniques can cut down on noise and wasted “calories” to surface proprietary targets that meet your M&A criteria. We rapidly prioritize companies leveraging our deep expertise across markets, technologies, and products. Newry also helps build relationships with owners to preserve your company’s reputation and foster a foundation for favorable deal terms that prevent auction sale.

On average, Newry works faster on 80% of the M&A process compared to internal teams.


How Our Process Works

Stage 1: Confirm Criteria & Identify Universe of Targets

First, we confirm your key M&A criteria, segment targets, and priorities before assessing industries and segments to determine the most attractive areas to pursue. Then, we scour open data sources to identify the universe of potential targets.

Key Outcome: Initial target list segmented by market, function, and/or application as well as available financial criteria.

Step 2: Prioritize Candidates and Make Initial Outreach

Next, we facilitate a prioritization process and develop in-depth target profiles to assess fit and attractiveness. Once we identify key parties at targets and begin tailored outreach, we manage the deal funnel process.

Key Outcome: Prioritized “pipeline” based on all criteria and available information as well as NDAs with targets.

Step 3: Cultivate Relationships and Formalize Interest

Then, we cultivate relationships with key parties at targets and validate the target’s fit with your criteria. We facilitate introductions with you and surface issues, propose solutions, and negotiate key terms. Throughout, we lend our knowledge, guidance, and expertise in preparation of valuation scenarios and assumptions.

Key Outcome: LOI/Term Sheets.

Step 4: Diligence and Deal Preparation

Lastly, we engage with third-party consultants to: support diligence on target as required, including financial, legal, operational, and commercial aspects; assess red flags and risks; assist in reconciliation of valuation and determination of offer price range; and support final negotiations on purchase price, deal structure, terms, and conditions.

Key Outcome: Due diligence reports, deal contracts/agreements, and strategic partnerships as an alternative consideration (for non-PE clients).


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