Struggling to Choose?

You’ve got options, but you can’t seem to build conviction about which opportunity you should work on, which company you should buy, or which customer relationships to invest in. The possibility of focusing in the wrong place due to bias or bad information haunts you. You need to feel confident that the initiatives you invest in will pay off.

Maybe it’s because you don’t have enough data, or maybe the insights you do have aren’t relevant. Maybe it’s that your sources of information are biased. With plenty of ideas but no clear priorities, you need an objective perspective on where to focus.

Validate Opportunities

Our Philosophy: Build Conviction in Your Value Prop

We’re obsessed with value prop. 

Strength of value prop is one of the leading indicators of success for a new technology or application. When we help clients prioritize their portfolio of programs, make high-impact investment decisions, and identify underperforming programs, we always evaluate the intensity of the market need for a new solution and the unique value our client offers relative to the next best alternative.

Quantifying the value prop requires the ability to access hard-to-get information from customers and competitors consistently, reliably, and systematically. As a result, the value prop often gets insufficient attention in favor of what is best and obviously known – the technical accomplishment. But while invention is critical, it’s not the only – or even the most significant element of in-market success.

Our teams leverage deep primary research, large language models (LLMs), and other cutting-edge secondary research tools to rapidly validate and build the business case for new opportunities.

Whether you’re building the business case for an early-stage program, making a go/no-go decision on another tranche of investment, pruning a portfolio of options, or choosing between product development paths, let the strength of your value prop guide you and your organization instead.


Validate Opportunities

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