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No matter what’s keeping you up at night, Newry is prepared to address your concerns with a variety of creative problem-solving processes, analytical techniques, and deep industry connections. Whether in search of a robust set of new R&D opportunities to work on, strategic guidance around portfolio management decisions, or support in commercializing a new product, innovation leaders around the world trust Newry to get in the trenches alongside their teams to solve their biggest challenges because of our proven ability to deliver results.

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The foundation of our work approach lies in our strong research & analytics capabilities. These skills make it possible for us to dig deep in new industry spaces and get the insights you need at the level of depth you desire, whether you’re looking for a back-of-the-envelope sanity check before starting to explore an adjacent market, or a robust quantitative assessment to help you make your next major investment decision with a high degree of confidence.

Beyond these fundamental tools and techniques, we have also developed formalized processes for some of the specific situations our clients often face: SONAR™, for specialty materials companies and others trying to find new growth for existing technology; QUANTIFIED DESIGN™, for B2B firms who are wading into the world of design thinking; Delta Teams, for high-level executives trying to solve a major organizational problem or accelerate innovation in a specific area; and Assumptions Workshops, for early-stage programs trying to make rapid progress.

Featured Offerings


Newry supports clients through the entire M&A process, from target identification and vetting to relationship development and closing the deal. Our intelligence-based discovery techniques cut down on time and effort to surface proprietary targets that meet your criteria.

Private Equity Solutions

Newry helps private equity firms and their portfolio companies attract successful bids and maximize exit multiples by driving EBITDA growth in the near term and demonstrating a compelling vision for future upside.

Research & Analytics

World-class capabilities in research, survey administration, financial modeling, and tech scouting help you make confident decisions about where to invest, which relationships to cultivate, and what to go after next.


The SONAR™ process makes connections between the most critical unmet needs in the market and the existing capabilities you already have to identify new growth opportunities that are applicable, achievable, and attractive.

Delta Teams

The Delta Team process harnesses the brightest minds of your organization to tackle an urgent problem through a systematic, facilitated process, reliably delivering quantifiable revenue benefits, cost savings, and/or company culture impacts.


Innovation leaders have increasingly turned to Design Thinking as a strategy for early stage new product development over the last several decades. QUANTIFIED DESIGN™ supports the design thinking process with rigorous analysis.

Assumptions Workshops

Assumptions Workshops accelerate progress in early-stage innovation by focusing efforts on the truly critical issues, generating plans to reduce uncertainty, and pivoting rapidly as new information comes to light.

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