Newry helps PE firms and their PortCos create and realize compelling visions for growth.

To attract successful bids and maximize exit multiples, private equity firms and their portfolio companies must drive EBITDA growth in the near term and demonstrate a compelling vision for future upside. Whether providing rapid insights on a potential deal target to a PE firm or helping a PE-owned company craft a compelling growth story for a strategic buyer, Newry has extensive experience helping our private equity clients navigate the transaction cycle and achieve their desired outcomes.

Our Solutions

Growth Engine

Newry has a proven track record in helping clients drive near-term revenue in core and adjacent markets via our “Growth Engine” approach.

Growth Engine focuses on the “long tail” of customer needs in your sales funnel and explores close adjacencies to find tactical, easy-to-win opportunities.

And we don’t stop there – we create momentum and deliver POs by owning early customer meetings, shepherding prototype development, and sampling, determining necessary supply chain partners, and coaching your team on success factors and next steps.

The average 3-year ROI of a Newry Growth Engine effort is 12:1.

Growth Strategy

We are also expert in designing Growth Strategy for sustainable, organic gains over the long term. Our proprietary processes, supercharged by large language models, identify fresh opportunities to grow through adjacencies and meet market needs through innovation. Our work doesn’t stop at market analysis – we also help to craft compelling communications that highlight the company’s potential future value in conversations with potential buyers.

Private Equity Solutions

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