Have you received an email or phone call from a Newry consultant?

Understand why:


Who is Newry?

Newry advises B2B companies operating in technology-intensive industries and emerging markets. We work closely with innovation leaders whose choices directly affect the success of their companies, as well as the composition of products and processes that reach millions of people every day.

How did you find me?

Our clients recognize customer and industry insight is critical input for delivering meaningful impact through innovation. To support their efforts, we draw upon our vast existing network of subject matter experts and continuously identify new interview targets via conferences, company websites, industry publications, science journals, patents, and peer references.

How can I help?

If you’ve been contacted by one of our consultants, we are seeking your personal perspective as an expert in your industry, market, or technology space. Clients occasionally wish to remain anonymous, and we are happy to provide the same level of confidentiality for interviewees. Our interviews are short (typically 30-60 minutes), and findings are never published publicly unless we receive permission from all involved parties.

What do I get out of it?

Example outcomes from Newry interviews:

  • Clients may be open to developing new products or tailoring existing products to address an interviewee’s specific needs
  • Clients may establish a connection with interviewees to exchange further information or offer partnership/collaboration
  • Interviewees may be entitled to receive blinded results from survey or benchmarking efforts in exchange for their participation

We thank you for your consideration and hope to hear back from you soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.



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