Spinning Your Wheels?

Maybe your early-stage programs show promise but aren’t making progress as quickly as you’d like. Maybe your ready-to-launch products aren’t getting off the ground. Or maybe the problem lies somewhere in the middle; maybe your best ideas are getting fumbled in the handoff from R&D to the business unit, or from the BU to the sales team. Whatever the case may be, you feel like you keep getting stuck, and in a world that seems to move faster and faster, that’s not a good feeling to have. You need something to help you to accelerate toward success.

You’re likely aware of Lean, Agile, Scrum, and every other “nimble” approach to innovation management out there; perhaps you’ve even tried to adopt some of the concepts touted by practitioners of these methods. Unfortunately, ideas that originated in the world of software don’t map seamlessly onto mature industries or capital-intensive organizations. Making the best use of these techniques often requires additional adjustments to people management, process tools, and the attitudes of top-level leadership.


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Our Philosophy: Move Smarter to Move Faster

Everyone’s need for speed is a little different. Depending on your unique situation, a variety of techniques can be used to hit the gas:

  • If your organization has gotten tangled up in analysis at the expense of actionassumptions thinking focuses efforts on the critical few issues that are crucial to success. 
  • If limited capacity is slowing you down – engaging external partners can have a dramatic impact on both speed to market and eventual success. 
  • To bust through stagnation – try a concerted internal problem-solving effort like a Delta Team to build a culture of curiosity, rapid experimentation, and flexible thinking, all while solving a tough challenge.
  • There’s no greater accelerator than real market pull – finding “crystallizing” customers who want what you’ve got is a surefire way to get your organization to move faster. 


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