2019 has been a year of exciting progress for Newry. We’ve continued to refine our offerings to ensure success for our clients and bring them the best possible value. Our data science team has brought several new people into our organization to continue to improve Newry’s proprietary offerings and deliver results. As we look to the future, we are working to launch cutting-edge capabilities to better serve new clients and further enhance our relationships with our current clients.

As the year comes to a close, here’s a round-up of our top thought leadership from 2019:

5 Best Practices for Customer Experience Centers – What makes customer experience an “experience” and not just another meeting? Learn how leading innovators get the most out of their customer experience centers.

CES 2019: Takeaways – CES isn’t just a showcase for next year’s AI-driven, voice-activated, and convenience-creating new gadgets: it also sets the stage for major societal shifts and emerging business strategies. Here are a few of the big themes we saw this year.

Commentary: Reevaluating Incremental Innovation – A recent HBR analysis argues bigger companies can learn from the R&D approach of smaller companies, but the best way to innovate lies somewhere in between.

Why Would I Want That?: Getting the Value Prop Wrong – When it comes to foldable phones, an old expression comes to mind: “It’s good to be first, but it’s better to be right.”

Don’t Count Your Qubits Before They Hatch: Technology Readiness of Quantum Computing – When every headline about quantum computing bombards you with threats of imminent security breaches, it’s hard to know whether to panic or write the whole thing off as ludicrous. We decipher the hype in this blog post.

Connecting the Dots: Improving Ideation with Serious Play – Are you tired of lackluster ideation? Ditch your conventional brainstorming and the headache that follows with Serious Play.

When Lean and Agile Aren’t Enough: 3 Ways to Get Innovation Moving Fast – In order to produce the results the Lean Startup gurus have promised, you’ll need to make a few changes.

The Customer Experience Center: Planning for Success – From your location to your demonstrations, a customer experience center’s design is critical to creating innovation opportunities. Here’s how to plan for success.

Building Innovative Value Chains, Not Just Innovative Organizations – To build innovative value chains, rather than simple building innovative organizations, U.S. manufacturers should consider these three principles.

Tell Me How You Really Feel: Fostering a “High Conflict, High Respect” Environment – There is a very thin line between “honest” and “mean.”

The Customer Experience Center: Successful Customer Visits – The greatest measure of success is the opportunity to innovate.

Big Ideas, Little Budget: Scaling Innovation for Small to Mid-Size Companies – Innovation is not one-size-fits-all.

Institutionalizing Water Cooler Talk – While a well-organized database is an important asset for large companies to keep track of their intellectual capital, knowledge management is ultimately driven by interpersonal interaction.

Delta is the Difference – For major strategic challenges, traditional methods of problem-solving don’t always cut it. Delta Teams help you get past the biggest hurdles standing in your way.

We’ll see you in 2020!

Over the last decade, Adam Rounick has worked with members of the healthcare industry, lawyers, professors, non-profit activists, and artists to bring their messages to life clearly and concisely. His writing has been featured in multiple publications in a variety of mediums, and he has helped shape diverse projects with his editorial services and communications expertise.

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