Katherine O'Malley

Kasey O’Malley brings to Newry a strong research background as well as experience in business development. In her time at Newry thus far, Kasey has assisted in uncovering hundreds of new growth opportunities, developed the go-to-market strategy for dozens of new innovations, and supported portfolio evaluation and M&A target identification efforts. Kasey recently led an in-depth assessment of the electric vehicle market to inform a major investment decision for one of our specialty materials clients. In another engagement, she facilitated development of customer relationships that enabled our client to enter two entirely new market spaces with their specialty lighting technology.

Kasey received a BA, magna cum laude, in Biochemistry from Colgate University where she also graduated as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Before joining Newry, she held a variety of internships in the food science industry where she applied analytical techniques in quality control and product/sales development roles. 

Kasey's perspective on how the role of data science in innovation can be found here.



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