Our Culture and Values

Newry is devoted to doing everything possible to support our clients and ensure their success. Our culture is characterized by a rigorous work ethic and creative, collaborative problem-solving, which results in an engaging environment for all of our bright and talented professionals to thrive. We achieve excellence through steadfast adherence to our core values:

Excellent client service

Newry strives to deliver the greatest possible value to our clients. We bring an objective perspective to every client situation, and we place our clients' needs and interests first. We are accessible, responsive, trustworthy, and conscientious.


Newry adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards. As a firm and as individuals, we are fundamentally committed to integrity and trustworthiness.


We value collaboration and believe that diverse consulting teams produce the best results for our clients. To that end, we learn from and support one another in an environment of trust, mutual respect, and constructive dissent. We foster active participation and open sharing of ideas and perspectives on everything from client work to the firm's mission and values.

High-impact work

We value high-quality, rigorous work that has significant impact on our clients' decisions and direction. We select engagements where Newry can deliver meaningful results on issues of strategic importance to our clients.

The individual

Our greatest asset is our people: their commitment, contribution, and diversity of backgrounds and experiences drive Newry's service to clients and the firm's success. We are committed to treating each person with respect and compassion.

Continuous learning and development

We value learning as fundamental to high-quality consulting work. Newry team members are motivated by relentless curiosity, initiative, and a commitment to developing the best capabilities to serve clients. We are committed to providing opportunities for professional growth and development.