About Us

Newry is a management consulting firm that works with manufacturing and materials innovators to find new opportunities and promote growth. Our clients are high-level decision-makers whose choices directly affect the success of their companies, as well as the composition of products and processes that reach millions of people every day.

Newry was founded in 1987 by Mark McClusky, who initially advised a number of high-tech start-ups, but refocused the firm in the mid-1990s to work exclusively with one of the largest technology innovators in the United States. Newry has sustained a long and fruitful professional relationship with this client ever since, serving many businesses within the corporation.

As that client relationship developed and expanded, Newry began to grow, increasing its staff fivefold since 2000 and broadening its client base to include other technology innovators. Today, Newry works primarily with Fortune 500 and 1000 companies to identify new applications for emerging and existing technologies, develop strategies for market entry and product commercialization, and maximize our clients’ potential in a broad range of rapidly changing markets.

Newry’s team is a diverse group of experienced, technology-savvy experts who understand the challenges our clients face as they innovate at all stages of the product life cycle. We have gained a reputation for consistently providing superior technology-oriented commercial strategy, and are known for going above and beyond in serving our clients, whether by helping them communicate results to corporate leadership, conducting training in innovation, or providing connections to potential partners and peer companies around the world.

Through our exceptional team of multitalented consultants, capacity for complex technical analysis, and commitment to building meaningful relationships with our clients, Newry is able to deliver insights that are unparalleled in depth, specificity, and impact.

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