Sylvan Shank



(440) 471-1188

Sylvan Shank, PhD, is focused on identification of new product opportunities for advanced materials. Drawing on large-scale societal and environmental trends, he works to identify specific products that are likely to be in high demand and that may prove to be high-value applications of glass and glass-ceramics. Dr. Shank comes to Newry from Sylvan Energy Consulting, a firm he founded to analyze and improve the energy-efficiency of residential buildings/units. He has also worked as a developer of energy-efficient, sustainable buildings. He is accredited to certify homes for LEED, EPA's Energy Star program, federal tax credits, and the ultra-high-performance Passive House Standard and has advised architects and builders on design and implementation of building components and systems.

Dr. Shank has a BS in Biology from the University of Kansas and a PhD in Biopsychology from the University of Chicago. He has published the results of his original research in several scholarly journals, including Nature and the Journal of Neurochemistry.