Marie Cotier



(860) 671-9829

Marie Cotier has over 15 years of experience in marketing, strategy development, and new product development. She has in-depth experience in assessing the commercial potential and performance of a broad range of emerging technologies, particularly in life sciences and medical applications. Ms. Cotier recently identified a broad range of applications for a novel collagen formulation and estimated their market potential and adoption timing. In addition, she identified the potential market and timing of diagnostic applications of an early stage laser technology. Ms. Cotier was formerly a program manager for a major manufacturer and has experience managing life science technology innovations into product lines that meet market needs. Prior to working with specialty materials, Marie spent 5 years working with a major investment banking firm in Manhattan developing investment management products/services for high net worth individuals.

Ms. Cotier has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Union College and an MBA from Cornell University.