Lisa Bauer

Lisa Bauer, Ph.D., has an extensive academic and research background in Physics and Entrepreneurship. She comes to Newry from Case Western Reserve University, where she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in cancer biology funded by the National Institutes of Health. As a graduate research assistant at CWRU, her work covered a range of technologies, including biomedical imaging, pharmacology, magnetic nanoparticles, and molecular imaging. She led collaborations with four teams and co-authored 10 articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Her coursework on entrepreneurship included business development, innovation theory, feasibility and technical analysis, modern physics for innovation, intellectual property management and venture capital.  While earning her M.S in Physics Entrepreneurship, Lisa consulted to Cleveland-area startups on market research, technical feasibility, and business plans for new technologies.

Lisa has a B.A. and Ph.D. in Physics from CWRU, along with an M.S. in Physics Entrepreneurship. Her doctoral dissertation is entitled “Magnetic Nanoparticle Characterization for Imaging and Therapeutic Applications.”




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