Lena Ta

Lena Ta comes to Newry with a strong background in chemical engineering. As an undergraduate at The Ohio State University, Lena interned with Sherwin-Williams and Bath and Body Works, cataloging and classifying the regulations pertaining to their products based on their chemical composition. While at Ohio State, Lena conducted a wide range of experiments and research projects, including:

  • Designing experiments to assess the effects of gas-assisted injection molding of Newtonian fluids in non-isothermal conditions at high and low capillary numbers
  • Using microinjection molding of polypropylene mixtures to examine how adding carbon nanotubes and other natural fibers affected tensile strength                                  
  •  Simulating an industrial scale synthesis for an ibuprofen intermediate on SuperPro Inc., and evaluating the economic and environmental feasibility of scale-up vs. other methods
  • Performing laboratory tests and contributing to detailed technical reports on Plate Heat Exchanger, Adsorption, Mixing Dynamics and Gas Solid Liquid Fluidization experiments         
  • Designing and building a robot to perform tasks on a course with time, material and budget constraints.

Lena holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering with Research Distinction from The Ohio State University.



(440) 471-1193