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No one ever said commercializing a new product would be easy, but for healthcare companies, it seems to be especially tough - in large part due to the many players involved, their convoluted and misaligned incentives, and some truly byzantine power dynamics governing the system.

Over the coming weeks, Matt Szugye and I will go deep into the details of this complex ecosystem, providing our perspectives and insight in a three-part series on healthcare product commercialization. In addition to exploring the impact of the stakeholders illustrated above, we'll take on reimbursement, regulation, and legislative disruption - and offer some advice on best practices for innovative companies navigating this complicated landscape.

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Paul Sequeira

Paul Sequeira came to Newry in 2015 from Thermalin Diabetes, a Cleveland biotech startup, where he was involved in new product development and supported efforts to secure venture capital funding. As a Newry consultant, Paul has led engagements in markets ranging from automotive to semiconductors, and many of his recent…

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